2016 Sustainability Excellence Award Winner, Coast Chilliwack Hotel

The Coast Chilliwack Hotel has a wide variety of sustainable operating practices, including:

  • energy saving measures for lighting and heating systems, such as energy efficient fluorescent lamps and cold water washing systems;
  • electric vehicle charging stations for customers and guests;
  • water conserving fixtures, such as low flow toilets and showerheads throughout the building;
  • waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs, including an organics diversion program to compost food waste; and
  • environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

In addition to cleaning litter on their own property, they have joined the City’s Adopt-a-Road program, to help keep our community clean and attractive for residents as well as visitors.

They have also recently initiated a program where guests can choose to forego daily cleaning services in their room. Such a program decreases the energy and water consumption required for room cleaning, and guests receive a voucher to use at the hotel restaurant if they choose to exercise that option. They are truly committed to business methods and practices that encourage or mandate sustainability.

Last but not least, the Coast Chilliwack Hotel demonstrates social responsibility by making local purchasing choices, supporting wetland conservation programs, and participating in the Adopt-a-Family initiative.

Congratulations to the Coast Chilliwack Hotel, and thank you for your continued commitment to sustainable business practices and social responsibility!