Corporate Services

Department Responsibilities:

The Corporate Services Department serves the City of Chilliwack in the statutory function traditionally known as the "City Clerk's Department".  Corporate Services also provides most internal services to all other departments within the City.

Corporate Services provides a proactive public relations program for the citizens of Chilliwack which includes the Greenheart News and the maintenance and development of this website.

The provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act are administered by the Corporate Services Department and anyone wishing information under this Provincial Statute is encouraged to call this department.

Another responsibility of the Corporate Services Department is the human resources function, which includes recruitment, benefits administration, occupational health and safety issues, training and labour relations.

The Information Technology (IT) group is responsible for the City's computer, communication and security systems. This consists of the development, maintenance and upgrading of a state-of-the-art computer system, as well as a Geographical Information System.

In addition to those listed above, this department is also responsible for records management, risk management and administrative support services.

Bylaw Adjudication

The Upper Fraser Valley Bylaw Adjudication System is authorized by the Province of BC to operate as a municipal bylaw court for resolving disputes in bylaw enforcement matters for these five local governments.


The primary function of the City Clerk’s Department is supporting the legislative matters and decisions of Council, including: Council meeting agendas, City bylaws, contracts and agreements, property management; the construction/maintenance of civic buildings; and, preparation for local government elections.


Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department maintains detailed cadastral mapping information that tracks exact lot lines, properties, right of ways, setbacks, zonings and the location of utilities like sewer and water, manholes, and fire hydrants.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department consists of an team of professionals who strive to maintain success for the City, its managers and employees alike.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department provides computer related technical support services to all departments of the City, including the RCMP