Extreme Weather Beds

There are a number of extreme weather beds available within Chilliwack.

Extreme weather is defined as:

  • Temperature at or below 0 degrees Celsius (-2 with windchill), or
  • Measurable or significant snow accumulation, or
  • Severe weather conditions that present a threat to the life or health of homeless people, including prolonged heavy rain combined with low temperatures.

Shelter space available in Chilliwack as of November 2015:

For more information, please contact Tim Bohr, Salvation Army, Extreme Weather Response Coordinator for Chilliwack at 604.702.8481.

Shelter Contacts:

Cyrus Centre
45845 Wellington Avenue
Tel: 604.795.5773

Salvation Army
45746 Yale Road
Tel: 604.792.4486

Ruth and Naomi's Mission
46130 Margaret Avenue
Tel: 604.795.2322