Vedder Rotary Trail Virtual Tour

The Vedder Rotary trail provides a wonderful outdoor recreational experience for Chilliwack residents and visitors to the area. The trail sees an average of 18,000 users every month. The City is excited to introduce a new “virtual” tour of the Vedder and Peach Creek trail systems. Utilizing smart phone technology to “read” simple QR code signs, trail users simply locate and scan the QR codes on the signage along the trails and an educational video will play on the smartphone. The virtual tour is intended to enhance a trail users experience by providing an interesting and informative self-guided virtual video tour. A variety of topics from the science of the fish to the ecology of the river are presented by the virtual tour guide for an educational and entertaining trail experience. There are a total of 15 QR code signs along the trail and locating all of the codes becomes a scavenger hunt and a great educational walk for the family.

People without a smartphone can also experience the virtual tour online (below)