Bike Lanes

The City encourages bicycle travel by incorporating designated bike lanes on a variety of roads throughout the community. Currently there are 175 lane kilometers of existing bike lanes with additional lanes being added every year.

Bike lanes increase safety and convenience for commuters, recreational cyclists and pedestrians alike. Also, an additional safety feature includes an added width on bike lanes that provides a wider “recovery zone” for motorists.

Please remember the rules of the road when riding your bike and that the sidewalks are for pedestrian traffic only.

Bicycle Transportation Plan

Chilliwack City Council recently adopted an updated Bicycle Transportation Plan, which will be in effect from 2014 to 2024. The plan’s vision is that Chilliwack will become a safer, bicycle friendly community.

The Bicycle Plan helps the City focus on improvements and maintenance of bicycle facilities where they are most needed. Learn more in the updated Bicycle Transportation Plan (pdf).

Description Date File Size
Bicycle Transportation Plan 2014-05-23 7.34MB