Gwynne Vaughan Park

Willed to the City of Chilliwack in 1991, the Gwynne Vaughan Park is administered by the Gwynne Vaughan Park Society with the support and co-operation of the City of Chilliwack Parks, Recreation & Cultural Department. Located on the corner of Williams Road and Hope River Road, this park consists of 6 acres of lawns, gardens and paths, all surrounding a heritage house which was built in 1896.

This beautiful and unique park has become an increasingly popular site for wedding ceremonies, club picnics and family gatherings. Gwynne Vaughan Park offers a number of seasonally changing and beautifully planned settings for wither large or small groups whether it is the pavilion, a forest grove, or flower borders surrounding large well maintained lawns. The parks winding paths and floral settings also provide enjoyable walking opportunities.

Currently there are twenty community plots for Chilliwack residents who wish to produce their own fresh vegetables and flowers. What a great way to meet new friends, share gardening ideas and expertise or just enjoy the park together.

The Gwynne Vaughan Society hosts many exciting events at the park throughout the year with some of the more popular ones being the annual plant sale, held the first Saturday in June. During this event more than 30 nurseries from around the Fraser Valley provide a selection of rare water plants, specialty herbs and vegetables as well as unusual perennials and shrubs not always available in the local nurseries.

For more information on the plant sale as well as the popular holly and wreath sale you can click on the Society's website listed below, or by contact Anne at 604-858-7089 or Beth at 604-792-4828.

For more information on the history of the Gwynne Vaughan Park, its  society or upcoming events. Please visit their website at